Doobys Who? Also Why Doobys ?

Lets start with why Doobys … back in 2014 I began painting false nails as a hobby and listing on Ebay and Etsy. I would have my laptop constantly on which made a beep once an order came in (we still have this now) I worked 7 days a week and would constantly be buying charms and polishes and anything to create new designs. I then posted on Instagram and we went viral overnight, we had to become a Limited company and the business needed a name. At the time my main focus was my customers and getting orders out so a business name wasn’t important. My little sister was in a phase of calling everything a dooby (you know the word we use when we can’t think of what we mean … usually a wotsit or a thingy lol) so I went with Doobys Nails … thinking it would be a temporary thing and my luck would run out soon and I would be back to not being as busy.

That was10years ago, Doobys Nails has now grown beyond expectations dispatching hundreds of orders weekly across the world. But we would not be as productive as we are without the fantastic team around us that help to paint, file, box, package and post every single order by hand. My mom, dad, sister and a group of technicians all help. We recently purchased a franking machine to cut the cost of shipping for our customers so we class him as part of the team too … went with the name Frank lol.

Feeling glam should not be a chore when I noticed my friend cutting and reshaping a set of glue on nails I realised we need more choice nobody has the time for this, so why not choose from 23 shapes, have them delivered to your door and apply them in the comfort of your own home. We currently have over 4,000 sets in store so you will no longer have to make do with a set of falsies you are not 100% happy with. 

Thank you for supporting our business we look forward to creating new ideas designs and sets to store.