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Total Reading time – 2 minutes

Preparation (how long your nails last is all down to how well you prep)

  • From your Doobys Box choose the nails that fit your fingers best. (10 sizes to choose from our nails are great for larger and smaller hands)
  • Remove any leftover polish from your nails.
  • If you feel you have slightly oily nails you can use rubbing alcohol (or a kind nail polish remover) to gently remove any excess oil. This will ensure a stronger hold.


  • Cut the tip of the glue bottle and apply a small blob to the back of the nail and your own nail (more glue will ensure a stronger hold)
  • If using gel tabs, remove from the sheet and apply a tab smaller than your nails. We advise a smaller tab than your actual nail this will remove any gaps round the edge and give the nails the strongest hold.
TOP TIP! We advise to not get your hands wet for the first hour of glue / tabs setting. We understand this is difficult but as you would after a trip to the salon we advise to give the glue / tabs an hour to set.


  • Soak your nails in warm soapy water for around 5-10 minutes. We advise to not soak your nails in acetone if you wish to wear them again as this will damage the gel on the nails.
  • If the nails will not budge you can use another nail to gently prize the nail round the edges.
  • If you have applied gel tabs these can be peeled from the back of the nail. If you have used glue this can be gently removed once the nails are soaked as the glue will be soft.
  • Store your nails back in the DOOBYS NAILS box ready to apply next time
 TOP TIP! If you are wanting to wear the nails for a day event ie wedding or a night out we advise the gel tabs. These will give a strong hold and after 10 minutes soaking can be removed at the end of the evening. Glue will be harder to remove after a day event.


In 2021 we had a return rate of 0.1% so we are happy to accept returns for any nails. Simply pop them in a post box. All we ask is that the nails are not worn and back in the box we sent them in. Please allow us 48 hours to process a refund

Our gel tabs are designed for a day / evening event ie a wedding or night out as they give a fantastic hold and can be removed at the end of the day.

For a 7- 1o day wear we advise our nail glue

Yes. We supply many shops, spa’s salons and boutiques across the world and have now reopened our wholesale. Click here to stock our products in your store