About Us

About Doobys Nails

Firstly thank you for visiting our store

Doobys Nails began with Hayley making false nails in 2010 and we haven’t stopped making them since. Initially starting as a small hobby out of work hours for one girl, we have gone from Ebay, Etsy, Not on the High Stree, Market Stalls, Amazonand now we are so busy we are able to come away from all those we have our own online shop and Doobys Nails has now grown beyond expectations to a huge team based all over the world bringing you thousands of options of falsies

What is our mission ? When we started out 12 years ago falsies where not as diverse as they are today. When we began we had one shape, short square. Which we would hand cut into stiletto, so we had 2 shapes, short square and stiletto. We now have over 20 shapes in store all manufactured for us. Everyone wants their nails completely different and that is what we are here for. 

Doobys Nails Big Moments?


After work hours and weekends nails would be made by Hayley, photographed and put onto Ebay to sell. The “Cha Ching’ sale noise was a huge moment in the household. (I had 10 sets in store and it took me 2 weeks to sell my first set)


After being made redundant due to a company closing Hayley ploughed all her redundancy money into stock for Doobys Nails and recruited mom & dad.


As orders began to build up we recruited nail technicians from across the world and in the UK to help with creating sets and packaging.

We also joined Etsy and Not on The High Street to grow the business bigger.


We hit 400,000 Instagram followers.


We where lucky enough to come off Etsy and NOTH and only have our items for sale on our website and have a team of 23 staff helping to paint, file, box, post and package your orders to go all over the world.


We had our own custom boxes made with the DOOBYS NAILS logo on the lid. We used to order 240 at a time and our first order was for 10,000. Super scary


We started wholesale for salons and supplied many boutiques, spa’s and salons across the world. Mainly the Middle East.


17th September 2018 due to excess company growth we became a Limited company and VAT registered.


Due to having such a big team we where able to change the whole shop to READY TO SHIP. Meaning all sets will be shipped the same day (orders before 5pm)


COVID hit and although we became super busy we managed to recruit 18 local nail technicians to help keep up with demand. also keeping them busy. 


We purchased a Franking machine (We named him FRANK) All our post was now processed in the salon and packaged into Royal Mail bags and collected by Royal Mail every evening from the salon.

Future Plans

We would love to keep bringing you new designs and styles. We are hoping to get some sets out to models so we have a more diverse range of models in store. This has been a struggle with COVID but we will get to it.


Thank you for reading our company timeline and although it has been a long hard journey with many ups and downs anything is possible so stick at it and you will reach your goals.