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‘The Luxury False Nails that Actually Last’

  • 24 hand painted nails
  • FREE sheet of 24 gel tabs with each set
  • FREE large QUICK DRYING brush on glue bottle orders £20+
  • Easy application & removal
  • Reuseable
  • 60 Day money back guarantee
  • In stock Shipped Same Day

60 day returns on all orders

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Meet the more cost effective, long-lasting alternative to gels, dips, acrylics. Doobys Nails provide you a perfect, non-damaging manicure in seconds for a fraction of the salon cost. Our NEW generation of Reusable Manicures are bend and crack resistant like acrylic, yet extremely natural looking for your toughest manicure yet! 

Wear them weeks straight or a few days at a time—you decide. Each nail lasts up to 30 days and can be reapplied up to 6x for shorter wears.

These on-trend, durable nails can be removed, reapplied, painted, and even reshaped for full customization.


All sets are hand crafted and in stock ready to ship

Free UK Next Day Delivery orders BEFORE 5PM

International Delivery 5-10 days

Can I reuse them?

Of course! Once you remove the nails either peel of the tabs from the back or scrape of the glue applied ready to wear again and again!

How Long Will The Nails Stay On?

The nails can last anywhere from 2-3 weeks if properly applied with our glue.

For shorter wear (as in a day/night out we advise our gel tabs as they are easier to soak off after 24 hours) Glue can be worn for shorter wear nails may just need soaking longer to remove

Delivery & Returns

FREE UK Next Day Delivery on all orders before 5pm today (orders after will be delivered the following day)

FREE Worldwide delivery orders $120+

Returns - We accept returns up to 90 days after receiving nails. All we ask is nails are unworn

Please see returns page for full details

Which adhesive should I use?

You will need an adhesive to apply the nails.

We have a couple of options to choose from:-

Glue - A 10g bottle of nail glue, enough glue for 25 applications. Our Nail glue is a strong adhesive method and is best for longer day to wear or if you want a strong hold. With good nail prep you can expect glue to hold for 1-2 weeks, this varies from person to person-

Adhesive Nail Tabs - One sheet of 24 sticky tabs, suitable for one use only.Adhesive tabs are great for 1-2 day wear if you want to be able to easily remove the nails and reuse them.

How To Remove

Soak your nails in warm
soapy water for around 5-10 minutes. We advise to not soak your nails in
acetone if you wish to wear them again as this will damage the gel on the

If the nails will not budge
you can use another nail to gently prize the nail round the edges.

If you have applied gel tabs
these can be peeled from the back of the nail. If you have used glue this
can be gently removed once the nails are soaked as the glue will be soft.

Store your nails back in the
DOOBYS NAILS box ready to apply next time

How to apply

To apply press-on nails, you’ll need to prep your nails and hands, shape the nail, then stick it on with glue or adhesive tabs. Here’s a full breakdown, courtesy of nail artist Julie Kandalec: 

  1. Trim or file your natural nails shorter so the tips adhere better and don’t show before you apply your press-ons.
  2. Wash your hands with soap and water, remove all nail polish, lightly buff your nails with a buffer, then prep your nails with 91 percent isopropyl alcohol.
  3. Match the press-on nail to your nail bed size and curvature. Be sure the nail doesn’t have to be pressed down to fit, or it can pop off prematurely.
  4. Shape each nail to fit on all sides of your nail bed with a nail file (this is very important if you want a long-lasting set).
  5. Cover your entire nail with glue or an adhesive tab, working with one nail at a time.
  6. Align the press-on nail along the cuticle line, apply at a downward angle from the cuticle, and press down firmly for 20 to 30 seconds. If any glue seeps from the sides, remove it right away with a cuticle stick.

But if you wanna make them last even longer, follow this tip: “Clean your nails with 91 percent alcohol before applying your press-ons to dehydrate your nail beds, which will help the glue adhere better.” Then, drip on a generous amount of nail glue so that the glue is evenly distributed across your whole nail when you press it on. Trust me/us—it really works


We allow returns 60 days after purchase, all we ask is nails are not worn as we cannot refund used nails

97,000+ Customers Worldwide

Suits all shapes

Having tried so many press ons I was sceptical about the sizing as my nails are so small. The short round and short oval range are perfect for my nails as they are so tiny. So glad I found Doobys Nails

Jess M

Perfect for beginners

I have been looking for an alternative to gel nails for a long time because I am allergic to almost everything. With Doobys Nails this no longer happens and even as a beginner I get a great result!

Maria M

Simple and Beautiful

Plain nail polish doesn't even last a day for me. Therefore, I was very happy to have discovered Doobys Nails. The application was very quick and easy and I am more than happy with my result.

Julie B

Love Them!

Absolutely love these nails. So easy to put on and the new brush on glue was easy to use as well.

Julie Baker